Haven’t seen you guys in a while…

Published July 7, 2013 by aquavanilla

I had a lot of stuff going on, and I’ve gained a second job again on top of school… but fret not! I have a tumblr, which is much easier for me to update! http://www.PekoeDroplet.tumblr.com

I hope you guys can check it out! Along with that, I’m also having a giveaway!

see it on the first page of my blog! I’m still working a couple things out, since rafflecopter has to be hosted on a blog with HTML and I completely forgot how to even use HTML… Bear with me!



Published August 8, 2012 by aquavanilla

Okay, so I have to admit. I’m one of those gals that just continues buying makeup, even though the other stuff hasn’t been used up. There’s just such cute packaging, and awesome reviews online that just tempt me to buy them!!! So I end up having a huuuuuge bunch of make-up haha… Well, when that happens, I also end up having a  huge pile of expired make-up. Yuuuuuuck!!! I’m also that kind of gal that likes to keep them anyway just for… Mmmm… Looks? Maybe it’s a hoarding thing. Haha! But Now I’m trying to keep cleaner and use more fresh make-up! (I ended up using one of the expired make-ups and it was irritating to my eyes with the mascara and the primer gave me hives.)

So here is my throwing away stash, (plus some I already threw away oopsies! I decided to make a post on it mid-toss haha!)

Nail polish, make-up brushes, eyelash curlers, hairbrush, lip glosses, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliners, eye pencil sharpener, bronzer, tinted moisturizer and eyeshadows.

Nail polish can expire too!!! It gets separated and oily and when you wear it, it looks like cottage cheese when applying it. It chips off really easily and takes much longer to dry. I threw away about 6 bottles of nail polish!!!

According to Goody’s Haircare site, you should replace it every 6 months. I really only replace mine maybe once a year which is fine. You should replace it for hygiene reasons. Would you replace your toothbrush every 4-5 years??? Yuck! No!!! It helps keep your hair cleaner, and a new perky brush means healthful perky hair!!! (^_^) Except… The fact that I never brush my hair. (>_>);;;; HAHAHAHAHA

Lipgloss/lipstick. I may… Or may not have…. (but yes.) I have had some of these for over 8 years!!! Ummm, definitely time to throw them away. I tried to apply one of them, and it was just hard to smooth on… Like, I had to press hard and get it all warmed up before anything would come off it…. Just be done! The lip glosses get super sticky and gross smelling. Ewwwie. SUPER gloopy! DONE!

You should replace your eyeliner every 6 months, but sometimes mine don’t run out that quickly. I take care to make sure no one else uses it, and (when I was living with room mates, I was paranoid that they used it so I would sharpen a few centimeters off before using it again!!!) I do replace/buy new ones yearly though. You can definitely tell when it gets old! It gets hard and takes longer to warm up to glide on. It will be like an almost… Dried-Play-Doh texture haha! And if it’s looking like it’s “running out of ink” even if it’s a pencil, it’s old. throw it away! You don’t need a trail of shoddy eyeliner. 😛 Liquid eyeliner just gets hard and gummy. My sister got an eye infection from using old liquid eyeliner. Don’t do it!!!

Mascara… I used mascara that was a little over a year old, and got an eye infection. I thought it would be fine, but… Yeah. Some mascaras get hard and chunky, or almost nothing comes out (you are either running low or it is old) Some still have the same texture, but are maybe more flakey when you are wearing it. And that causes… eye infection-no-fun time!!! I used a Hypoallergenic one too… Please buy new mascara haha!

Tinted moisturizer. It separated, but I thought it would be okay to use if I shook it up a bit… No dice. I got hives from it. (@_@);;; Two years old…

Eyelash curlers!!! I got this for Christmas from my Mom three years ago, and I have always loved it!!! But I went out and tried one at Sephora and realized the springs aren’t what used to be. The cushion does get a few of my eye lashes caught every now and then, and well… It’s time to get a new one. My eyelashes have improved greatly! It was sad to throw the old one away, but it was exciting to get the new one. (^_^)

When eyeshadow gets old, it just gets really hard to get colour to come onto the brush. It’s not going to pick up much colour, and the colour you do get won’t stay on your lids for very long. It will fade/crease heavily. :I Plus with all the new colour trends coming out, why wouldn’t you replace them!? Hee hee!!!

Make-up brushes carry a lot of bacteria, so you should definitely be giving them a good washing once a week!!! If you are keeping up with your brush cleansing, then you don’t have to replace them as often. You also know to replace them when the brush bristles get unruly/bent/mangled and not straightening themselves out even after their wash. Split ends are a hint to this as well! (if you use certain expensive brushes anyways. ;] )

Well I hope this has inspired you to throw away your old make-up, or replace them!!! Or make a sculpture out of them… Hahahaha!!!

Now have a picture of me freaking out about the disgusting makeup!!! Hahahaha!!!


I’ve Lost Track!!!

Published August 4, 2012 by aquavanilla

Golly guys!!! I totally lost track of how much time has gone by, and just… Waaah!!!

I’ve been really busy lately, just… Golly!!! Well, I went to Anime Expo, which was crazy fun!!! Then started my new job right as soon as I got back! It’s been a little stressful as well, seeing as I have no money and bills, bills, bills… But Whatever! I’m here to update you guys on awesome things, not negative blah blah blah… Haha!!!

At Anime Expo!

I love wearing wigs~ It’s so much fun always!!! I cut my friends out of the picture because I don’t think they would appreciate being on such a girly blog hahaha…

And then most of the Anime Expo pictures you don’t see my pretty face because I’m all dressed up in… This…

Psychedelic Dreams Celty!!!

So I won’t go on and on about that. But I did have a ton of fun! (^_^) There’s just something about a whole bunch of geeks getting together and making an awesome time!

I also haven’t been very good with doing coordinate snaps…. I do them every day now! Which is great! But I just don’t have any good places to take pictures of them. Rarely. I have a few that I will share with you, but hopefully I’ll be able to buy a full length mirror sometime soon!!!

I Like this dress so much!!! It’s so comfy and flooffy and fun to wear~ Everyone always says it’s such a cute dress!

The grey circle lenses I’m wearing are from http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com. (^_^)

And a picture of my face. LOL

I like wearing glasses charms!!! They really spice a look up! If you’re one of those gals that can’t really wear contacts often, it’s good to choose cute glasses and make adorable charms for them!!! I think you can buy them from etsy as well, but my friend made these for me from resin!!! They’re really cute and heart shaped, but you can’t see from this angle. :I

Hmmm, well not much else to say!!! I’ll try to update more often, I promise!!! (It’s hard when there’s no motivation because my layout is all ugly haha)

See you lovelies later!!!

★Night Rider★

Published June 21, 2012 by aquavanilla

I’ve had all this time to blog, but never did it. 😛

Well, sort of. I’ve moved to another state and been busy with that. Then finishing up my costumes for Anime Expo (it’s in less than a week! Oh golly gee!!) so… That’s what I’ve been up to mainly. That, and sleeping all day. I got diagnosed with PMLE (so pretty much, I’m allergic to the sun (‘ n’)\ ) Which is awesome! Well, no, not having it, but we figured out what’s been making me feel sicky and skin irritations and such. So it’s a lot of 100SPF lotion and long sleeves. But I’m just glad I know what it is so I can avoid it. So I now sleep all day to avoid it anyway! Hehehe!

And hey, does anyone shop at dELiA’S*?? It’s a nice girly store that kinda goes for everyone! They have a lot of really nice stuff, and then print T-shirts with a lot of mainstream stuff that everyone loves, and they also have a lot of really cute accessories! I even got a polka dot usamimi from there, and it was on sale which is even better~ They don’t seem to be very popular here. (. _.);

But here is my small collection of clothes from dELiA’S*

This pictures does no justice 😛 But from the top left is a cute polkadot tanktop, top right is a sheer chiffon sleeveless top with black lace detailing and big ties. It’s longer in the back and shorter in the front which is super cute! Then a cute textured skirt that goes well being high-waisted or on your hips. Then my Usamimi!!

I’m not all that interested in the screen printed t-shirts, but they do have a wide collection of those there too.

As for my coordinates… I’ve been lacking, sorry. There is only one tiny mirror at my new place… And it’s in the bathroom. It sucks until I get to an Ikea and get me one of those full length mirrors. Until then, here are the very few coordinates that I have done until now…! (>_<);;

Wearing a purple wig and contacts~ More edgy outfit I wore that day (> 3<)

My skirt from dELiA’S* is featured here!! (^_^) And my sparkly Steve Madden heels~

I look crazy here, haha! Recipe for this outfit is a textured/patterned tank top with a dark cardigan, bold boots and dark slim jeans. Some statement accessories and I’m set! My make-up was really lacking though, as you can see by my “Ugh?” expression haha

Then here is with the mirror here… Uck

Poofy sleeves with a big belt and a patterned high-waisted skirt with boots~ Along with a natural themed stone/shell/beads necklace and bow in my hair, completed my outfit.

That’s it for my coordinates I guess… 😛 That’s actually all I have to say for now. I need to get working on stuff before AX sneaks up!!

Have some spaghetti tacos!!

Baviphat Apple Lip Scrub Review

Published June 1, 2012 by aquavanilla

Hello again today! I’m doing a small post since I’ve been busy, but this small post will show I’m alive at least! Hahaha~

So, I buy my lenses from http://www.kiwiberry-1collection.com always, always, but they had run out of my prescription for some pretty aqua lenses that I needed for a cosplay. It was disappointing having to find another site and sift through every review and mention to make sure their lenses were legit yo. I heard a bunch of buzz about PinkyParadise so I checked it out, and found my prescription in the lenses I wanted and aside from lenses, they have a bunch of other interesting things too. I decided to buy the Baviphat Apple Lip Scrub

and the Baviphat Peach Lip Tint.

I couldn’t pass it up! It is in a pretty adorable container with a twist top and it smells ultra yummy!! Here is the description from the site-

Lip treatment is infused with sugar, rice and apple extracts to provide gentle exfoliation while moisturizing lips. Fine granules buff away old keratin andleave lips softer and with renewed suppleness, helping your lip color adhere better and last longer. For instantly softer and smoother lips, scoop out a small amount of scrub, spread on lips, gently scrub on and wipe off. By Baviphat.

I know that sugar is more gentle than salt when you’re doing a scrub, and is better for moisture as well. 

It comes in a tiny little container, here I’m comparing it with an MAC lipstick bullet so you get the general size

(there is also a Pekoe butt in the picture hahaha!!)

it is a cute peachy pink colour with a delicious aroma. It has little dark specks and a bunch of granules. I scoop a smidge (pea size amount) out with my index finger and swatch it on my lips. I use my lips to rub it in and scrub it up! After I’m satisfied, I’ll rinse my lips with some water, and dab with a dry towel. They feel super soft and smooth, and very moisturized!! I did once put on too, too much and it felt a little more on the oily side, rather than the moisturized. So I just use a little, for it goes a long way!! In the Summer/Winter when it gets really dry here, I’ll use it 3-4 times a week depending. In the Spring/Fall I’ll use it once a week or every other week. I really like this product (and the taste! hahaha! But eating it isn’t quite the idea here) and would buy it again if it was more readily available in Colorado, and if the price was a little lower. On PinkyParadise (which doesn’t seem to be selling it anymore…?) I paid $5.99USD and on Amazon you can get it for $4.99USD. I honestly think without that extra .99cents it would be super reasonable! For how long it lasts and how great it works.

Feel/Texture- ★★★★✩ – It’s not too rough (because it uses sugar instead of salt) so it’s nice and gentle, but the slight oily feeling I get takes a star away

Lasting- ★★★★★ – I still have it. It’s been over 9 months. Using it once a week all the time at least, (maybe skipping a few weeks) but I thought I would have less than what I have. This stuff is going to last me a WHIIIIIIIIILE C:

Price Point- ★★★☆☆ – $4.99 is kind of a lot for an itty bitty bit. Plus there’s shipping (depending on who you order from, can be from $2.99-$9.00USD :C )

Packaging- ★★★★★ – Okay, it’s just freakishly ADORABLE. (* 3*) The packaging is what really sold me, haha!

Follow-Thru on Claims – ★★★★☆ It makes my lips moisturized and smooth, and nice to apply lipstick/gloss over right after application. But if I wait it’s not the same. So obviously my lips start conforming back to it’s un-taut needs-lip-balm-before-stick-application form pretty quickly.

Overall I give it ★★★★ stars out of 5 stars!! Really the price-point got to me, and the slight oily feeling/oftenness of application took away that last star, but otherwise it’s a great product and I’m looking forward to trying more products from this company!

Now on an ending note, I’m moving to Utah for a new job and it’s going to be a little lacking… Which you’re already used to I guess (>_<);;; I promise to post more often afterwards though!!

I’ll be hearing from you soon~

I Need To Clean

Published April 26, 2012 by aquavanilla

I’m in the worst habit!! In the past 6 months I have moved more than 5 times. It seems that it’s not possible for me to stay in a place for very long, so I get in the habit of not un-packing much, never really settling, and never really putting things in a permanent spot… Which… Is a big problem. I can never find what I’m looking for, and everything is so cluttered and crazy!!! Although I’ve set up a better make-up organization since I moved back in with my Mom.

Before it was…

My few makeup brushes in a toilet bowl mug (I thought it was fitting, since al my makeup is in the bathroom, LOL) but everything is spread out and cluttered and my sister gets water over EVERYTHING it's like she washes her face like those girls in the commercials!!! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acy6ifpOPoU

LOL– Anyway, then like the other half of my makeup collection are in boxes and scattered around my room because I don’t need them immediately. (well, most moments I don’t need them haha….)

Now I’ve arranged it like this–

From the front

1. Packaging. I don’t like throwing away packaging, and when I move I put them all back in to keep it safe. 🙂 also a random hairbrush I never use.

2. Makeup brushes. Still in a toilet bowl. I actually moved them into a large jar with beads in the bottom, but the toilet stuck… hehehehehe!! And as you can see, my brush collection has enlarged as well. 😛 I also keep my eyeliners and tweezers in there. (The eyelash curler used to hang out in there too, but I’m trying to take better care of it since I just got a new one from Tarte!!!)

3. My main facial items. My YesTo Tomatoes Moisturizer, and my Make-Up Forever HD Liquid foundation. There’s a YesTo Figs lip balm there too. I’m unable to find my primer, (probably in some box) but if I had it, it would go there as well.

4. Some random things i use. 1, eyeliner sharpener (I kept calling it a grinder/shaver for some reason haha!) I just got a new one since the one I inherited from my Mom (by CoverGirl) was actually 3 years older than me, so… I figured i should get a new one! It’s by Make-Up Forever. 2, eyedrops! When/After I use contacts. I have one in my purse too. 3. Hard Candy Eye Primer for everyday use 4, stack of most used contacts. Currently Yellow, Purple and Grey are in the stack. 5, NYC Powder eyeshadow I barely use this 6, Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub magic for my lips!! I’m doing a review on this sometime soon!! 7 Body Shop Grapefruit Lippie 8 Sephora sampled me some Philosophy primer (it smells like oil or gas, yuck!) and it doesn’t really do much for me. (I threw it out shortly after this picture haha)

5. Blushers, bronzers, highlighters, concealers and primers. 

6. Eyeshadow palettes and Dolly Wink lashes #7 hiding behind them!

7. Hair products, gels, sprays, creams, products… hair stuff.

8. Mascaras, a mini hairspray, single compacts of eyeshadow, makeup-setting spray, one lipstick Viva Glam Nicki! and contact solution. This one is pretty random haha, but it mostly consists of mascaras.

9. Make-up removal products. Wipes, and washes.

10. I have no real place for these. so for now I set them there. Nail clippers, my old eyelash curler (no idea what to do with it…) I feel weird throwing it away! and trial of the Urban Decay Stardust and Primer Potion.

11. Beauty regimen face washes and things. Hah! And all of this is ontop of that huge-o eyeshadow palette that you see in the previous picture.

You see no lipsticks (exception of the brand new Viva Glam! Nicki lipstick from M.A.C) because I have a set up of them all in my room. I’ll re-take pictures when I’m moved in somewhere else, and re-organize, and maybe even clean!!!  😮

Well I’m done blogging for now, because I have a meeting to go to, but I’ll blog soon~!!


Memory Bundle + Update

Published April 25, 2012 by aquavanilla

Starting from August 2011!!! This is quite a while ago… I thought I’d share some pictures on how far I’ve come 🙂

Me and my sister going swimming at Water World! (my first time!)

That picture is getting me looking forward to summer already! I even bought a new swimsuit! (that one above I’ve had for 4 years!! o_o )

Pekoe being adorable in a bowl haha!

September, Kumori-Con. I was a tuckered out Madam Red

September, Nan Desu Kan. I look so strange as a Blonde!! What do you think? Hahah!

A German friend came to visit me in the US! We went to Bear Lake, but it was rainy.


Standing on the rock in the rain in the middle of the lake might be a bad idea... Slippery!! The trees are beautiful, and just turning to fall colours though. :

October. Me and my then boyfriend hunting for pumpkins

November. I just -just- dyed my hair not-so-brass-y-blonde (and pink!) and there I am, squeezing the stuffins out of Pekoe! luvluvluvluvluvluv~!!

November. Meow Belly sweater shirt thing, holding people like a baby and some jeans. Pekoe completes the outfit. 😛

December. Picture near the fountain in the back of the mall entrance, in -3 degree weather this year!! (the joke is, last year we took the same picture, at night and it was - 22 degrees :C )

Sorry that picture is kind of HUGE. (O_O)

December. Mittens sleeping on the warm computer. GET OFF!!

January. My sister did a creepy photo-bomb!!! HAHAHAHA (my lazy clothes, remember this coordi??)

February. In my lazy day- crazy old cat lady sweater loving my kitty!

End of March-Beginning of April- I was crabby and didn't want to look at the camera. I had just broken up with my boyfriend a few weeks prior, I was reading an angsty part of "Mockingjay" (part of The Hunger Games trilogy) and I'm in the process of moving back in with mom(roommate drama)/moving out of mom's and into dad's possibly--in between jobs... So that all equals crabbiness. Messy room! Yuck! Haha

Annnnd now.

so as I explained in the picture before the last, a lot of changed going on. Job-wise yes. Hopefully. I can’t keep working as a barista at barely minimum wage with a shitty schedule all the time, and the Import store is not my passion, I guess. I broke up with my boyfriend a month or two ago. I don’t really remember, haha. I just needed more freedom, (as in I want to see my friends too, and not just you- kind of freedom) and a few other things that is just business between us. 😛 I did move out of my Mom’s (that’s why I didn’t blog in so long) but it was different than I expected. I need to sleep at odd hours, and I wake up at odd hours, and the dogs scare the chizz out of me at all odd hours. I also need to say– I am way more of a cat person than a dog person. Maaaaaaao! Other dramas, so I moved into my Mom’s apartment again. I will hopefully be moving in with my Dad, to get a better job, and then hopefully the whole family can live together again. It is hard on my mom being separated from my dad, but a job is a job, and you do what you gotta do to support the family. Hopefully all this stress will be over soon!!

I’m also going to AX in the middle of all this, so… Wish me luck, HAH.

Well I’ll be turning in for the evening, but you all have a good evening~